Lenticular Image Creator Software, created by Jameson Bennett.

Current technologies are now allowing personal computers and consumer level printers to create images with fine resolution to create dazzling effects under lenticular lenses. This software fills the gap for a free or low cost, cross platform interlacing solution. LIC is currently available for Windows and OSX.

LIC allows you to create an interlaced image from 2 or more images. These images are mounted under a lenticular lens, creating a 3-D and/or animation effect. LIC also has a calibration image (pitch test) generator. The calibration image is used to align your specific printer to the specific lens you are mounting your image to, creating the cleanest flip possible.


LIC imports and exports many different image formats including jpg, bmp, tiff and many others allowing you to fit it right in to your current workflow. Projects can be saved and re-opened at a later time preserving your imaging settings and letting you quickly re-interlace an image after source image tweaks have been done. Read more about LICs features in the documentation.

The LIC software is available free for personal, hobby, educational and evaluation use. See the download page for details.

LIC runs on and requires Java to be installed on your system. Windows users may need to visit the link to download the latest, OS X users may need to update their Java Virtual Machine by using 'Software Update'. Details can be found in the documentation.