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Ensure you read, understand and agree with this license in order to download the software:


You may use this software for personal, hobby and educational use. Commercial use of this software is prohibited. The software may not be used to produce images or other derivatives of images for sale or for commission.


This software is in a 'beta' state, shaking out the bugs and such. Please let me know if there are issues with a bug report. When the software is ready, a commercial license will be available.

The number after the software name refers to the 'build number'. This number increments whenever a 'full build' of the software is done. Builds posted for public use on this page are not necessarily sequentially numbered.

OSX: 10.2+

Control-click the link below and choose Save Link As. Choose a convenient place. If the .zip file does not decompress automatically after download, double-click it and the file should decompress. Drag the folder to a suitable location, such as the Applications folder.

Clicking this download link implies you understand and agree to the above license agreement:
OSX Installer-->
Built: 2006/02/18 13:52

Windows: 2000, XP+

Right-click the link and choose: Save As. Download to a convenient location. Double click the .exe file to begin installation.

Clicking this download link implies you understand and agree to the license agreement:
Windows Installer--> LIC_WIN_73.exe
Built: 2006/02/18 13:52