LIC Documentation home page

The LIC documentation covers:
Lenticular Imaging Primer: Information on lenticular and other visual illusion techniques
Interlacing: HowTo interlacing images with LIC
Calibration: How To calibrate your printer to your lens
Troubleshooting: Find help if something goes wrong

The incredibly helpful people at have been indispensable in the development of this software. They have provided me with materials in the form of lenses and adhesive along with an incredible amount of practical advise. Talking with Microlens' progenitor Ken Conley is a treat; the man is a great innovator in the field. Ken's wife Mary has been incredibly helpful and Microlens' technician Jim Owens has provided me with a bounty of practical knowldege.

Microlens provides lenticular lenses for small and large format lenticular imaging around the world. Check out thier site and contact them for information on thier products. Anyone located or visiting the Charlotte, NC area would benefit greatly touring the microlens shop: Ken has some STUNNING examples of lenticular imaging mounted all over the shop. Quite a treat for the eyes and imagination.